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Buyers Tips
Harold & Elinor Buyer Representatives
When Buying a Home with Harold & Elinor, they prefer to work with you as a buyer-broker rather than as a sub-Broker of the REALTOR® who is working for the Seller. We want to represent your best interests, not the Seller's. Things a REALTOR® can do as a Buyer-Broker, once a Buyer Agreement has been signed, that they can not do as a Sub-Broker:
  1. Prepare and interpret a market analysis on the property you are buying. (This determines if the price and terms of the listed property are correct).
  2. Analyze and compare the "Pros & Cons" of different properties you are considering.
  3. Discuss the sale ability of different neighborhoods. (What neighborhoods hold their property values better).
  4. Tell you any information discerned about the motivation of the Seller.

Harold & Elinor will work with New Home Builders throughout the city and will assist you in negotiating your offer with them. These New Home Builders encourage REALTORS® to bring their Buyers to the developments and will pay normal co-op and buyer-brokerage fees. You, the Buyer, will pay no more for using a REALTOR® to buy a New Home or resale home, but you DO want a Realtor who represents YOU rather than using a sales representative who represents the Seller/Builder.

When looking at homes, Harold & Elinor will arrange all appointments and understand that there are times when you just want to drive around and get a "feel" of the neighbourhood. Should you go into an open-house or New Home Sales office without your REALTOR®, you may jeopardize your representation and may obligate yourself to additional out-of-pocket fees. So, should a model home or open-house look so good that you just have to go in, please tell the Seller's REALTOR® or New Home Sales Representative that you are working with Harold & Elinor. Most, but not all, REALTORS® will honor your right to representation. Do not go into a builders model home or open house without Harold & Elinor or they can not represent you.

Accredited Buyer Representative (ABR) is an earned designation of the Real Estate BUYER'S AGENT Council. The ABR designation is awarded to real estate salespeople who have participated in the required extensive classroom training, written examination, and who have demonstrated a proven ability to properly represent purchasers. An Accredited Buyer Representative is fully committed to the real estate buyer and is obligated to exercise best efforts for the purchaser's benefit, maintaining confidentiality and giving full disclosure of all material facts.

New home
construction, resale or for sale by owner, have Harold & Elinor represent you. Both of these highly trained professionals are practicing buyer agents and are known for their excellent negotiating skills and their efficient service to their clients.


Harold & Elinor will:
Explain agency relationship to you and how we will work together with you. After a Buyer Agency is established, you are
ensured a professional is there to support and guide you through your home purchase.

Provide an automatic listing service based on the criteria you provide. Listings will then be forwarded to your email as soon
        as they are entered into the real estate board MLS system.

Show you any home within the Ottawa region, regardless of which realtor has the home for sale.

Provide information and market analysis on the property you select.

Disclose all facts and defects about the property.


Explain the offer process and recommend conditional clauses to protect your interests.

Draft the offer in your best interest


Provide a list of professionals such as building inspectors, lawyers, and mortgage brokers.

Forward all documents to your financial institution, lawyer etc.


Keep in touch with regular follow-up.

Step 1. Find a Local Lender You Can Talk To in Person
Local lenders understand your market and know of loan programs that might be beneficial to you.

Check with your lender on any local programs that might help with closing costs or in other ways. Even though the media have pronounced the 100-percent-financing option dead, this is not always the case. Check it out for yourself and then get preapproved for a loan so you know how much house you're able to buy.

Step 2. Be Specific in the Area You Want To Live
Educate yourself. Familiarize yourself with the neighborhoods you're interested in, the taxes and school districts. This not only helps you narrow down your search when you need to move fast, but also helps you figure out potential mortgage payments. Find a home in your desired neighborhoods.

Step 3. Find an Agent Specializing in the Area You Want to Live
This will save you time and effort. Once you've identified a real estate agent, trust him or her to do the job. Agents who are thriving in this challenging market have proven their worth. They have the resources and skills to help you find your next home.

Step 4. Don't Shy Away From Houses That Need Some Work
Just because a house needs some paint or cosmetic fixes doesn't mean it's not a good buy. Most real estate agents have an address book full of trusted businesses they work with to help you fix up your new home. Sometimes you can fold repair money into your first mortgage; ask Harold and Elinor, your RE/MAX agent, about the program.

Step 5. Be Prepared To Act
Sometimes the first home you see is the right one for you. Don't discount it. Remember, good deals still go fast. Take advantage of the electronic tools your real estate agent has to offer. In many instances, real estate agents have access to better information than what you can find in a standard Internet search.



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